How to turn off online status at facebook?

Answer Yes, if you click the green dot in the lower right corner of your screen you should see a menu. Click "go offline", and you should appear invisible to your friends.

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How do i turn off the automatic status updates from (Facebook) Mafia Wars?

Log on to the Facebook first and then after logging click on the Settings and then a notification and then click on updates and then save.

How do i hide my online status on myspace?

If you don’t want people seeing that you are online in Myspace then you can use the simple process outlined below in order to hide your status. This will definitely help to keep your online priva... Read More »

How to Check the Status of Passports Online?

Checking the status of your passport application can take the worry out of wondering when you’ll receive yours or if there is a problem with it. This can be done in just a few simple steps.

How to Check a WoW Friend's Online Status?

Adding a friend in "World of Warcraft" enables you to see the person's online and offline status. Blizzard, the game's maker, colour-coded the status so you won't have trouble identifying which fri... Read More »