How to turn up headphone volume on windows 7?

Answer Click the speaker in the bottom right corner and select mixes, if your headphones are connected should how, the max it will go is on their.

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How do I turn off the music while taking my car on reverse I want to reduce the volume/turn off completely?

This would be a simple job in most cars, but it would require a bit of wiring. Most radios have a key-switched power wire in the harness. All you need to do is cut the power to this wire when you... Read More »

Why does my car stereo turn off when i turn the volume up?

yeah man need more info, could be bad power or ground wires or speakers hooked up in the wronge ohms or grounding out

How do You Turn Volume Up on Tomtom Xl?

Tap on the bottom left corner of the screen, where the current speed is indicated. A scroll bar indicating volume will appear. Slide up and/or down to increase or decrease the volume.

How to Turn Up Ipod Volume?

The volume control may be different depending on your type of iPod. However, the standard iPod has a volume control in the large circular button. Place your finger on the circle and rotate clockwi... Read More »