How to upload a CV to apply for a job?

Answer After you fill out an application online, you will see an option to attach your CV.

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When I try to upload a 48.2mb wmv file onto you YouTube it says 'Upload Failed: An unknown error occurred.'?

If you're seeing the message "UPLOAD FAILED: AN UNKNOWN ERROR OCCURRED"it could be that a "time-out" or "run-time" error has taken place.Problems like that are usually due to either your ISP, YouTu... Read More »

In the flickr upload tool how do i get it to ask me which size to upload to everytime?

open up flickr upload tool, click the button furthest to the right at the top, under resizing select ask me for each photo larger than 800px

My facebook will not let me upload 1 photo only, i can upload 2 just fine, but not just 1?

No sure why you wouldn't be able to upload just 1 photo. I have no problems with it.

How long will it take to upload 1GB if the upload speed is 20mbs?

20mbps = 2.5MBps1GB = 1024MB1024MB/2.5MBps = 409.6s = 6h49m36s