How to write a letter to someone on my computer?

Answer Standard letter layoutAddress of sender - right hand (flush with right hand margin)Date(flush with the left hand margin)3 line spacesAddress of the person you are sending letter tosalutation (Dea... Read More »

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How do I get a blank page on my computer to write a letter?

for writing letters MS Word is the best application.if you have not installed it then use either Notepad or WordPadClick on Start - All Programs - Accessoriesand select Word Pad (or Notepad)if you ... Read More »

How to Write a Letter of Condolence / Sympathy Letter?

Death and tragedy are a too-common part of life. The ability to write a good sympathy note allows you to express your feelings while comforting your friend at the same time. It is a simple matter t... Read More »

How to Write a Request Letter for a Write-Off Fine?

There are ways in most states and counties to request the courts to write off your fine. The exact steps to do so vary from state to state and will depend on the type of fine, but generally you wil... Read More »

How to Write an "I'm Sorry" Letter to Your Mom & Dad?

As a kid, you know you aren't perfect, and when you've done something to offend your parents, it can be hard to know where to start to say "I'm sorry." While you can say it in person, perhaps you d... Read More »