How useful is the CompTIA+ qualification in seeking employment as a PC engineer.?

Answer On it's own, not very. The compTIA certifications are more basic certifications that serve more as a stepping stone toward higher industry specific certifications such as MCSE or CCNA. Combine it... Read More »

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Any career advice for arthritis sufferer seeking employment. with nursing qualification?

What Mike C said. And yes, NHS Direct would be a possibility.

What IT qualification is the most useful for a career in IT, should I do the whole computing degree?

Do what everyone else is study study, become overqualified and get tons of practical experience....go solo if you can.

What qualification do civil engineer need?

GCSE in Maths, Physics, and other sciences, then other subjects - as many as possible.A levels in Maths and Physics and then maybe Chemistry or maybe Computer Science, or all of these if possible.D... Read More »

What Skills Are Needed for Mechanical Engineer Employment?

Mechanical engineers research, design, and build machines and equipment of all types. They can specialize in designing engines, automobiles, consumer products, electronics, or heavy machinery, amon... Read More »