How would I get cash in hand for something bought using a credit card?

Answer If you payed via credit card they would generally prefer to pay you back via credit card. However if you ask they might give you cash, it's really up to them. Ask and hope for the best, that's yo... Read More »

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If you bought somthing on the google app store with a credit card would it come up on the credit card?

it will appear on your statement as 'Google Store' or 'Android Store', but it wouldn't actually state what you have bought, without logging onto the Google store itself

Can i get a new credit card and withdraw all the cash at an atm?

the limit is £300 in one day that you can withdraw. if you want more, you need to go into a branch of your bank. if you need quite a lot, you need to give them at least 24hours notice that you wan... Read More »

Is Credit Card Cash Back Taxable?

Many credit cards offer a cashback rebate on your purchases. Some cards offer the rebate for all purchases made on the card, while others limit the rebate only to purchases made at certain merchant... Read More »

I need a UK bank account with cash card facility with no credit checks done?