How would I put a countdown timer on facebook?

Answer I think these apps would suit you:……

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What is a Countdown Timer?

A countdown timer is a device which is designed to count down to a particular event. They range in design from simple mechanical devices like those used in the kitchen to electronic versions design... Read More »

How to Create Your Own Countdown Timer?

The big event is days, weeks, months or maybe more than a year away, yet you can't wait. Holidays, weddings, vacations, baby due dates and special events are just some of the reasons to create your... Read More »

How to Create a Countdown Timer?

Companies and individuals looking to add a countdown timer to their website or social media page have multiple options to create the program. One method is to program the timer from scratch, a meth... Read More »

How to Send a Countdown Timer Through Email?

Countdown timers are online flash applications that count down to a specific event. They are extremely popular among social networking users as well as e-mail users, who may want to display countdo... Read More »