How would i "ping" my router and what would this tell me?

Answer Ping sends a package from your computer to another computer which when it receives the package sends it back normally it does it 4 times..Assuming you are running Windows from your desktop go Start... Read More »

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An architect friend tells our coffee group that liquids (water, in this case) are compressible to a slight extent. We tell him hydraulics would be impracticable under his thesis. We would appreciate comments or ammunition. — WAW, Brownsville, TX?

I'm afraid that your friend is right—liquids are slightly compressible. A compressible material is one that experiences a decrease in volume when it's exposed to an increase in pressure. Gases ar... Read More »

Would this router be okay to use a laptop and PSP with?

i recommen a linksys or a belkinbut when you get whatever router you getmake sure to put a password on it:]but any router works^.^i have a 2wire 2700 Hg-B which was what at&t gave me and the wirele... Read More »

What numbers in hair would you say this fade is What number would you say this is on the sides up to the top?

How much would you pay for this house and what would your first offer be?

I'd pay £110,000-£119,000 first offer £100,000