How would you begin to make a machine which is conscious?

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Would like to start saving, where do I begin?

You need an account. Well it depends on how old you are. I'm guessing you're 17. You can get a junior account that's bonded to your parents at a bank so you can put your money in there. When you tu... Read More »

I would like to train as a nurse but I have no idea where to begin?

General nursing is now known as adult nursing. Your best bet is to do a year long Access course at college as this will give you the necessary A-level equivalent that you need to apply. Jackie M is... Read More »

Why would you use a same day courier and what would influence your decision as to which one you would use?

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Printers: Which make and model would you recommend?

i have just bought a new printerit is the Epsom SX100 all in one(print~copy~scan)~£44.95~from copycatzi have no problems with it at all i still have ny Original Lexmark 6250 (£140)the reason i bo... Read More »