How would you hack something like this ?

Answer Hacking into a system depends on many factors, Web facing applications such as database can be victim to SQL injection, Cross site scripting etcFor networks there are plenty of tools to scan for op... Read More »

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Would something like this be binding (Contract Law)?

My answer is for English law.In the specific instance of a house (or other land) neither are binding, because a contract to sell land must be in writing and the contract must contain all the agreed... Read More »

If Reataurants offer, offers like this, would website like this attract customers?

I think thats a really good idea. When our family go out, we can never decide where we want to eat, because of course there are so many resturants within twenty minutes of us which we have never he... Read More »

Is this a good invention/does something like this exist Control your PC from anywhere in the house?

Could I sail the Med or to the Azores in something like this?

you could sail in a dinghy for crying out loud. just be careful of rough weather. I think anything less than 40' classifies as a small craft so watch the weather.