How would you reset the whole labtop?

Answer If u have the Windows CD you restore your laptop to Factory SettingsBy the option restore my computerGo and type Restore my computer in Help it will guide u

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Does synergy work on linux mint( i wana connect my vista labtop with my linux mint labtop)?

Here is the Official Ubuntu Synergy HowTo Documentation (also applies to Linux Mint)…LUg.

What is a good labtop to buy.?

about the cheapest NEW laptop you're going to find is $299 on sale. These sales aren't common but they do happen at stores like Best Buy and Wal-mart. I doubt you'll get a built in microphone, but ... Read More »

I cant connect to the internet using my labtop?

have you turned th wireless on - it took me days to work that out! Look for he FN key - then on your "F" keys there is likely to be a diagram of two laptops connecting - press the teo together and ... Read More »

Help! My HP Labtop's screen went black?