How would you set up an internal/external email facility?

Answer Assuming that you have a number of PC's that connect to a fileserver, I would install either microsoft exchange server (if you want to spend forever setting the thing up), or VPop3. These are post... Read More »

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Does GMail have the facility for me to check if a recipient has read an email I've sent them?

No, in short.There are email providers and add ons that claim to do this, but it wouldn't work on my pc so can't be relied upon. I think aol did it, but only to other aol recipients. I would consid... Read More »

What is a Colocation Facility?

A colocation facility is an environmentally-controlled, secure facility with 24 hour monitoring and an uninterruptible power supply. Businesses use such facilities in order to store company data in... Read More »

Is this email a scam why doesn't it say my email address on the TO: part of the email?

Does anyone know of any other mobile phone that has this facility?

I'm not sure about text messages but i have a LG cookie and i can connect it to the computer and it lets me do stuff to just about every part of my phone, on the PC, which is useful as it can be a ... Read More »