How would you setup your own server?

Answer The size of the server depends on how many 'hits' you expect. Certainly yahoo's servers are much more capable than my little server :)I'm able to handle up to 100 online users on a 833MHz Dell sys... Read More »

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Help with minecraft server setup?

Have you tried approaching other server owners on these sites?http://www.minecraftserverfinder.comhttp://www.minestatus.nethttp://www.mcservers.orgMost owners are pretty helpful and can probably he... Read More »

How to Setup Several Intranet Websites on One Server?

An intranet provides a business with websites to collaborate and communicate privately inside of the company. Intranet sites are usually built to fulfill a functional business need such as payroll,... Read More »

How do i setup ubuntu of another form of linux as a storage server?

If you want to use the machine as a PC then Ubuntu would work fine, I'm running it and it works great.If you then want to give users access to the files you need to set a Samba share up, Samba is a... Read More »

The pioneer deh p88rs can be setup in standard (classic) mode or can have a 3way setup, what are the benefits?

You kinda threw for a loop with this one and I thought initially you were referring to an amplifier. I looked up the product brocher on Pioneer's European website and now I understand what you are ... Read More »