Hs nyone got spre letter ' ' key for computer keybord tht I cn hve?

Answer if the 'a' key is not working and its not that u lost the key then the problem is most probably that the button below the 'a' key is broken. Try to take the key out and check out the button itself... Read More »

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Keybord problems plese help?

Sounds like you have got a problem with the membrane contactsunderneath the keyboard.Have you tried using an external keyboard?If it still does it, you may have a more serious problem withthe mothe... Read More »

How to write a letter to someone on my computer?

Standard letter layoutAddress of sender - right hand (flush with right hand margin)Date(flush with the left hand margin)3 line spacesAddress of the person you are sending letter tosalutation (Dea... Read More »

How to Make Reusable Letter Stencils Using a Computer?

Reusable letter stencils allow you to personalise and customise craft and home-decorating projects. By using your computer to create these stencils, you will ensure that each letter has a consisten... Read More »

How do I get a blank page on my computer to write a letter?

for writing letters MS Word is the best application.if you have not installed it then use either Notepad or WordPadClick on Start - All Programs - Accessoriesand select Word Pad (or Notepad)if you ... Read More »