HyperThreading enabled but i cant turn it off in BIOS?

Answer you cant turn off hyper threading as its burnt onto your cpu processor, hyper threading is more likely to help your FPS rather than ruin it, are you sure that your computer has enough RAM and do yo... Read More »

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How to Disable Hyperthreading in the BIOS?

Hyper-Threading is a technology introduced by Intel with its Pentium 4 series of processors, and it is designed to optimise the usage of the processor's resources, allowing two threads to run simul... Read More »

My friend was working on my pc and did something inthe bios now my pc will turn on but nothing will happend wh?

My PC no longer boots up. When I turn it on, it makes a clicking noise and shows one line of bios?

Format the had drive, if the format goes fine and the computer boots up to drive c:\ then install windows . if not buy a new hard drive.

How many threads does a quad core with hyperthreading have?

Normally, each core has 1 thread.hyperthreading gives each core 2 4 cores with hyperthreading mean you will have 8 threads.dont listen to the guy above, a thread is NOT a virtual core...... Read More »