I Know CD but What is CDr?

Answer CD-R or CD-RW (Compact Disc-ReWritable) is a rewritable optical disc. You can rewrite desired data on the disc as many times as you want. It is better than CD-W (Compact Disc-Writable) which allowe... Read More »

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Does anyone know what date google earth pics were taken i know it was pre 2004!?

I think the pictures are regulary updated. Pictures of the place where I work have twice been updated with more recent pictures. So I think as time goes by pictures will be updated as more recent o... Read More »

I don't know if I should go to university, I'm 23 and I don't know what I'll do once graduated. Any advice?

Depends very much on what your Plan B is. If you've reached 23 and still have no work experience then you are going to have an awful lot of trouble finding a job. Try Uni and also do some voluntary... Read More »

I know tis sound's totally stupid, but what is spam, i know the tinned kind but not the computer kind!?

Spam is an email message which comes from a person or company you haven't given access to your email service, and which tried to sell something to you, or force unwanted opinions onto you.Basically... Read More »

We all know what the poll tax is spent on dos anyone know what my rent is spent on?

Poll Tax was replaced by Council Tax a number of years ago. Your rent depends on who your land lord is. If it is private tenancy then it is for profit of the owner. If it is social landlord or a co... Read More »