I LOVE Smart cars and really want one but my boyfriend is refusing!?

Answer Sorry its not a good car if you want something different look at the Diahatsu Copen, nice 2 door open top car that is cute, my 20 year old daughter got one and she loves it..She calls it Fifi.........

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Is it true you can't love cars unless you've made love in a car?

WOW! all these answers and only one person realised that it was a Noel Edmonds quote, and it was on the Yahoo page yesterday.

I love fast cars but does anybody get tired of fellas the way they go on and on and on about cars?

Petrol heads, THE most boring people on earth, rather talk to a train spotter.

My boyfriend wants a Smart car. However on checking the insurance on various websites by putting in the detail?

Personally I can't BELIEVE how RUDE some answerers are being in relation to your partners choice of car! Its his business are you don't need car snobs insulting you on a genuine question.Smart cars... Read More »

How Much do My Boyfriend Love ME?

It is you alone who will know how much exactly your boyfriend loves you. But there are little things that you can watch out for as signs of his love like thoughtfulness, sweetness, and being unders... Read More »