I Like it on the .. Faceboook Statuss ?

Answer I just learned this one IS for breast cancer awareness, and it has made the news, too. This one is just for fun, just a girls only game, and all the men think it's sexual when it's not. Like it say... Read More »

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Who do you inspire to look like An athletes body like Jessic Ennis or a model like Katie Price?

I would hate to look like either of them!I don't like the hardness of Ennis nor the plasticity of PriceI prefer women who look soft and voluptuous - like Marilyn Monroe or the character Joan from M... Read More »

Whats it like to work in a place like lidl stacking shelves and stuff like that?

I worked in a supermarket once. Its easy money if you ask me. And theres usually hot foreign girls working there that you can try your luck with at staff parties...

Is Hercule Poirot acting like a typical detective or more like a lawyer?

If I like a Facebook picture late -- will I be displayed as the last like?