I accidentally changed the MAC address of my NIC?

Answer It's not possible to change your mac address, it is written in ROM. But it doesn't matter anyway.

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Your physical IP address can't be changed unless you physically move to the UK and/or acquire access to a device in the UK and route all your traffic through there.You have to think of IP addresses... Read More »

IP address has changed?

Someone is pulling your leg. It's either the person who told you your IP address has changed or it's your Internet provider.If you're using a dsl or cable modem, unplug it for a few seconds then pl... Read More »

If someone knows my previous IP address, but it changed can they still do anything?

No,they cannot hack a computer with its previous IP.As far as I know finding one's current IP with the previous IP is quite impossible.This is because almost all ISP's tend to give dynamic IP's unl... Read More »

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Your "friend" is the reason that our insurance costs so much in the first place.Are they proud of that?