I accidentally notified about 75 people on Facebook that I don't like them!?

Answer Set your status as something like "sorry guys if you recieve something saying i don't like you, somebody hacked my account :/" lol thats what i'd do.

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Do people get notified when you hide their wallpost on facebook?

If it's a post they tagged you in, they'll still see it on their wall.if they posted it directly to your wall, the only way they can tell that it's deleted is by going to your page and realizing th... Read More »

Do many of you get invites to Facebook from people who you dont recognise?

all the time! i used to accept all! but now i see who it is first!!hey! how's you!? love the weather!!

Will someone be notified if you block that person on facebook?

Nope. Even if they search for your profile using the facebook search it just won't show up yours to them so they just think you deleted your account :)

I accidentally cancelled an order then reordered it but dont have enough money in my account?

I'm guessing it's a debit card... in which case the bank usually gives the money to the seller, but charges you an overdraft fee.If you opted out of the overdraft fee, then the order will be cancel... Read More »