I accidently clicked on a link in a twitter direct message now is spamming all my followers?

Answer Go into settings, then at the side click on Apps, and then any that seem suspicious to you, remove it and it will stop

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This message sent to like all my twitter followers what is it :/?

Virus, clickjacker I think. Have you clicked it? If so the virus has acces to your account and is sending these messages, change your password, and run an anti virus scan to remove it :)

How to Send a Direct Message on Twitter?

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I accidently clicked a porn website and I think i'm in trouble!?

yes they are coming! lock your house immediately! They got GPS coordinates from that porn site. If i were you id run. You will go to jail, or fined heavily and STRIP SEARCHED!

I clicked disk cleanup on my laptop and have accidently deleted my volume control :(,how do i get it back?

If you have xp, restore it to a previous date.