I am considering buying a new laptop but I do not understand the difference between "Core Duo" and "Core 2 Duo?

Answer Core Duo Vs. Core 2 DuoThe Core 2 Duo chip has many of the same features as its Core Duo predecessor: a 667-MHz frontside bus, the 945 chip set, the 3945ABG wireless chip set, and similar clock spe... Read More »

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Buying new laptop: how does "Intel Core 2 Duo" compare with "Intel Pentium Dual-Core" - do we need either?

Intel core 2 duo beats a Intel Pentium Dual core. Core 2 duo are more powerful, but more expensive.

Will i see a noticeable difference between a Intel core 2 duo and AMD Turion xs dual core?

you won`t notice the difference in day to day use, core 2 duo slightly quicker for games!

Is the difference really noticeable between a duel core and quad core processor?

yes, the difference is very noticeable between dual core cpu's and quad cores. especially for gaming. because modern games use anywhere from 2-6 cores. the difference in frequency means nothing in ... Read More »

Core i5 versus core i3 worth the price difference?

The Pentium and Celeron still exist. i3 is the budget mainstream, they are budget. i5 is mainstream, it has turbo boost, and usually higher base clock speed. The thing is that they are dual core, a... Read More »