I am leaving B.T end of june and going with talk talk?

Answer My friend waited for TT broadband for a long time and when it was finaly set-up it failed within 2 days! Poor customer service and support. Don't bother! He now has SKY and is over the moon! I am w... Read More »

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Thinking of moving over from BT Broadband & Talk to Talk Talk! Are Talk! Is this a good idea?

When my BT contract came up for renewal, I phoned them and asked what deals they could offer. I got over £4 a month discount on their £18 a month 16 Mbps, 40 GB/month broadband and calls package ... Read More »

I had a phone call and agreed to change my package with talk talk but is this a good idea?

What package do/did you have and what price? Is this land-line or mobile?**EDIT**- So what did you change from and what did you change to?- How much did you pay and how much will you pay?Need more ... Read More »

Changing account holder on Talk Talk (previously Tiscali) Phone package?

Surely the electricity and gas are the same - you don't take over someone elses account.The previous person closes their account, and you open a new account at the same address. Well, Hopkirk, with... Read More »

Is it acceptable to talk in your regional accent in a job interview, or are you still expected to talk posh?

Hi from France ♫Whatever the situation, we ALWAYS must be ourselves ! .. Play to be '' another '' person doesn't work, or not long time ...Have a nice day,Catherine ♥