I am locked out of Facebook. They keep sending my reset code to a mobile number I don’t use anymore.?

Answer If you dont have an email setup to recieve your forgotten password then your better off just opening a new FB account. There is a procces that you can do that will help them to identify you and hop... Read More »

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Can anyone tell me how to re code my car stereo,battery was unpluged, dont have the code anymore, fiat marea98?

if it is a standard stereo which came with the car ie a Fiat one then a Fiat dealer will have access to a database from which they can get you the code, they normally charge £10-15 to retrieve it ... Read More »

Car radio . dont know code number?

find the serial number. it should start with an M. then i could help

My serial number is mo52187 for the radio on my car but i dont know the code?

With add a mobile number to Hotmail to acess how long does it take to receive the code?

Got to ask why microsoft want to know your other e-mail addresses and your phone number,,,, they don't do these things for free and so how will they make money from knowing your mobile number.... m... Read More »