I am looking for a guy.?

Answer pick me, pick me, pick

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I'm looking to start my own business and looking for wholesalers in north west I can actually visit?

Wholesellers for WHAT? Google them and ask if you can visit.UK

So im 18 junior in high school and in looking for a job where be a good place to start looking?

Look at local retailers.Fast food places.Check their websites for jobs.Do it quickly. 18 is quite old never to have had a part time job.

Looking for job. Company say "We are looking for Oracle consultant for our offshore operation in Madras, India?

They want someone with consulting experience, hands on Oracle experience and is bi-lingual. It really doesn't get any more simple than that.

Has anyone had a bad experience with a franchise , as i am looking to change my career and am looking at this?

Just be very careful Evens,many pyramid companies are about,check all details of the product,if any.It may be a teach you,supply a van,and off you go franchise,allocating you a so called area.You m... Read More »