I am looking for a portable gadget that i can access the internet on from pretty much anywhere.?

Answer Samsung galaxy s2, tablet pc, everything nowadays really.

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How do you set up remote desktop on a windows 8 pc so you can access it from anywhere else?

The easiest thing to do so that you don't have to mess with opening ports and all is use Teamviewer ( and set it up with unattended access so that you can connect to it anytime, anyw... Read More »

Is there anywhere on the internet that allows people to advertise their skype adresses?

There are hundreds .. Facebook, Twitter & Linkedin are the top 3 ...,

My wireless internet disconects from the laptop pretty frequently. how can i stop this thanks.?

If the light that indicate the router connectivity goes that means the problem is with the ISP side... in case if your ISP checks its connectivity and says we don't have any problem from the our si... Read More »

Is it possible to configure AOL broadband so that there is no need "login" to access the internet?

Yes, but you would need a router.If you have a router you can setup a connection on it by following the instructions here