I am saving up for a laptop!?

Answer 375.00 divided into 24 lbs = 15.625 So it's about 16 weeks

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Constantly Saving to Laptop Memory?

When you install Windows the system sets up your Virtual Memory to about 1½ times the size of your RAM. It also takes into account the size of your Hard Disc drive and allows approx 10% of it's fr... Read More »

Saving pictures from broken laptop?

Its because the laptop hasn't been configured to use the other monitor. Usually on the keyboard, there is a key to enable this without actually seeing anything.Try this:boot the laptop up with the... Read More »

Saving up for laptop:) any ideas on how to get money (13 year old)?

i am in the same thing well the best thing to to is maybe lie say your going out e.g to your nearst town but your going to a friends save ur dinner money ask your mum for 1 pound for the shop but d... Read More »

How do i make my laptop become dim when on laptop battery power By the way my laptop is a Dell Inspiron 1564?

Power Options and the keys on your keyboard can adjust the brightness. Also try "appearance" but right clicking your desktop, or properties (known on XP).Good luck!