I am travelling via first-class on virgin trains on a Saturday. Has anyone used this service before?

Answer Yes. At-seat service depends on the route you take, apart from once I've been served at my seat from Birmingham to London.You won't get a hot meal though, usual weekend fare is tea/coffee/soft drin... Read More »

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What (if any) benefits are there when travelling 1st Class with Virgin trains?

if you travel during the week you get meals served at your seat. During the weekend you get a free packed lunch type thing + drinks if you walk all the way to the other end of the train.It is nice... Read More »

Friends and i have booked on Virgin Trains from Manchester to London First Class, What is a service point seat?

A service point is a fancy term for a bog standard 13 amp plug socket, which you can plug a laptop or mobile phone charger into.

Travelling to london Via Virgin Trains?

Where are you travelling from? It would help us and Virgin as well!

I have booked tickets with virgin trains but I am not the one travelling.?

I don't believe that you had to put your details in. I can't see any reason why you couldn't have put your father's details in, given that he is one of the ones travelling. I don't believe that the... Read More »