I am trying to reset my wireless router, it is how do I access admin, password, user etc?

Answer TO reset your router you dont log into it. There will be a small pin hole somewere on the router, usually next to the power plug. You will hold the button in usung a paperclip or something small an... Read More »

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How can i reset my admin users password without a disk or play a game that has admin privileges without pass?

by default the Administrator account is can reactivate it from the command promptbut i think UAC has to be enabled you should be able to RUN AS cmd.exeand do a net user adm... Read More »

Lost my WinVista admin password Was only account on my system I don't have any password reset disk plz help?

I had this problem, in the end I had to a system recovery back to factory conditions. I cant remember but it was either by pressing F10 or F11 before the computer restarted it gives you the option... Read More »

Reset Admin Password on Windows 7?

What you need is the NT Offline Password Removal tool.…If you have Win 7, all you have to do is download the ISO file. When you double click on it, Window... Read More »

How to Reset a LiveZilla Admin Password?

LiveZilla is a free support program for website administrators and support professionals. Signing into the LiveZilla administration panel lets you customise and oversee your LiveZilla support page.... Read More »