I am very confused about my future,can someone help me?

Answer English, art, IT are your strong points?Journalist or technical author might be something interesting to aim for in the future;…Don`t go for a job that is ... Read More »

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Last question not very clear - very confused about MSN contact/friend situation HELP?

"With the latest release of Windows Live, there is no longer a distinction between Messenger buddies and profile friends. If you remove them as Friends, it will also remove them from being a Me... Read More »

Help Please very confused?

Hi Saturn,AVG is great, and its free. Its the only anti virus that I use. The I.T boys at work said its the best one.

A very confused student would like some help :S?

Hello Lily,I am sorry this is a lengthy reply but I do ask you to read it.I must say 'abnormal' is a pretty strong word to use, although I agree that your teacher does seem to be bringing her home ... Read More »

Very confused about trio rail passes - have they been stopped or not (important!)?

I think you can still get them from Merseytravel, since I already know they are bringing them into the smartcard scheme - scanning a electronic contact strip when you board a bus or pass through th... Read More »