I am very confused about my future,can someone help me?

Answer English, art, IT are your strong points?Journalist or technical author might be something interesting to aim for in the future;…Don`t go for a job that is ... Read More »

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Right Im just getting more confused.........?

I'm not computer savvy and I had humungous problems installing my wireless connection and it was the simplest thing possible. On the front edge of my laptop is a tiny sliding switch - push it and w... Read More »

Really confused, what should I do about this job?

I would say take Lloyd's job. You will have to budget your time wisely and study on weekends but the money you would save would be great to get started on buying a house or just putting it away so ... Read More »

Confused dot com?

No you can really - if your not in you cant win!!

P45 & P46, I am very confused?

Either hand over a P45 from job one or fill in and return a P46.If you go P46 AND the new job will be your only employment tick box B and we will review the code later.