I am with bt broadband, bt took control of laptop, have now got to connect with ethernet cable?

Answer Google your laptop using manufacturer's name and model number (will be on a little label, probably underneath). Look for support pages, download the Owner's Manual. This will tell you how to switch... Read More »

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My pc doesn't have a port to connect an ethernet cable & I'm trying to set up a new broadband connection?

get a usbethernet adapter .... If u only have usb, u can do that.My main pc is 13 years old and still running strong except for speed....650mhz..Though as of end of year it will become a browser on... Read More »

How to connect a computer and laptop together via ethernet cable?

Hello,(ANS) HOW to do this & whats needed, No.1 You must ensure that each computer has a physical network card (network adapter fitted inside it). See: windows device manager to make sure & that it... Read More »

What ethernet cable is used to connect a device to a Ethernet crossover cable switch?

Your question makes no sense.There are patch cables (normal ethernet cables) and cross-over cables where the Rx pair at one end are connected to the Tx pair at the other.

Can i hook up my ethernet cable for my sky broadband router to a truely wireless one?

BT/TalkTalk sent me a wireless modem, I sent it back and asked for a cable one because it's safer and more reliable.