I applied for my dream company 3 weeks ago and the deadline was 2 weeks ago?

Answer Well you don't have any sensible answers so far!How rude of that first answerer to imply that you were too late. if the deadline for applications was 2 weeks ago, and you applied 3 weeks ago, i'd ... Read More »

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I put my 2 weeks notice in the day the company is due to have 2 weeks holiday?

You can only receive holday pay for days you have accrued so if you had not earned 2 weeks holiday, or if you have already used up holiday entitlement, you cant be paid them.

4 Weeks notice can I give 2 weeks and then ask for 2 weeks holiday?

It depends on the employment law in your country.In the UK and Ireland most employment contracts have notice periods longer than the statutory amount.So if by law you have to give 1 week and your c... Read More »

Applied for a job at Iceland 2 weeks ago,haven't heard anything,should I ring and ask about my application?

After 2 weeks, if they had any intention of hiring you, they would have called you.

I applied for asda job and after 2 weeks they didnt reply, is that means I aint got the job or shall i wait?

It probably would've helped if you spelled correctly, and had proper grammar.It probably means you don't have the job though, and should try looking somewhere else, and if they call you, hooray!