I bought a car 3 days ago. can i take it back?

Answer I need a nice car for the evening. I think I will go to my local car dealer and "buy" a car, and then tomorrow I will just take it back and get my money back. That way I do not have to pay for a re... Read More »

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I bought a car and 2 days later i found it to be un road worthy ,but seller refuses to give money back?

If it is a private sale and the car was not misdescribed then you cannot do a thing.

What is the best value travel insurance that can be bought in the UK for a trip to the USA for 90 days?

For the best USA Travel Insurance bought in the UK try the Broker Portal. If you try their quote request facility where they will do all the work for you. Saves you time and money!Good luck.

Hi bought a piaggio scooter but the battery keeps going flat after 2 days of use please help?

You need to take it to someone with a test meter so they can check the charging system is doing it's job or it is in fact the battery that is not holding charge. Most decent garages will do it for ... Read More »

Bought a 3 or three mobile broadband dongle, with £25 top up, expires after 30 days and they didnt tell me?

If you bought the top up at a 3 Shop I would suggest you go back to the shop and explain that it was not clear when you bought the top up that it expires after a month. If you bought online then I'... Read More »