I bought some software, and activated it, but it turns out to be the wrong version?

Answer Just take it back and explain to them you made a mistake with the specs.They will either refund your money or exchange it for the right one.Don't worry we all have done it at some time or other and... Read More »

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My computer turns on but it will not let the monitor start up what could be wrong with it?

Open CPU and take out RAM and clean its slot and then again re-insert it back. That's all. I does it many times on many pc with same problem

My friend has MSN.We downloaded yahoo IM but he has the wrong version.?

send him this link,… if u both have the same yahoo messenger,then he can see u in webcam,best of luck.

Can you change an acer a500's tablet software so it turns into a laptop?

Not in any practical way. Laptop operating systems, like all operating systems, are written with their intended hardware in mind. A tablet is missing too many expected components for desktop soft... Read More »

Is the free version of AVG anti-virus software any good?

I've used several different anti-virus software programs over the years, starting with an early copy of the Norton anti-virus program that came in a zip-lock baggy! It's surprising all the problems... Read More »