I came across this Facebook Page and want to know if its illegal?

Answer That is Disrespectful i Would Report the Page to Facebook the Police is Not Going to Do Anything as its Not a Threat to A Specific Person

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Is it illegal to use someone elses picture for a page on facebook?

All photos are automatically copyrighted the moment the picture is taken, so technically, yes. The owner may never know about it, but if they find it, they will have a right to demand you remove it.

My home page has also gone so wide i have to scroll across to see all of it.i didnot do this, it just happened?

With the browser open just use Ctrl+0 and it will put your page back to 100% view!

Does anybody know how to delete or move this section across on Myspace?

youll have to know basic html codes to be able to delete that coded in your html.

Cant tag page i want on facebook.?

Ok go to the page and click on the URL bar. Then delete the ( and replace with ( but don't delete the page ID. Then press enter, then you'll see a page w... Read More »