I can use either wireless or cable to connect to net.which is the fastest/best to use.?

Answer a hardwired connection is usally the fastest way to connect as it is a physical connection and therefore has little to no lag time, wireless can be secured using wep or wap and has a little bit of ... Read More »

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How Do I Connect Wireless to Cable Router?

Connect wirelessly to your cable router so you can check your e-mail or surf the Web from your couch, kitchen or any other area in range of the router's signal. As long as you have a wireless anten... Read More »

How to connect my cable modem to a wireless router?

CONNECTING THE ROUTER:The cable modem connects to the single router port labeled WAN or Internet via a standard Ethernet patch cable.There are usually 4 LAN ports on the router to connect devices v... Read More »

Is it possible to get a usb to ethernet cable adaptor to connect to a wireless router?

U can buy a USB Netwrok device that then allows you to connect to a normal router via a cat5 cable, or a USB wireless card to connect to it wirelessly.

I can only connect to the wireless network when the ethernet cable is plugged in?

When you connect the connect the ethernet cable, you are able to connect to internet because you have installed the ethernet drivers but there is another driver for the wireless card..You have inst... Read More »