I cancelled broadband but orange claim I didn't and are charging me?

Answer Kick up a stink about it. They must have allowed it because yourMAC number must have been transferred to Sky otherwise if theyhadn't you wouldn't be getting broadband now!However I'm rather surpris... Read More »

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Have an Orange wireless router. How do I use it for Tiscali account as I've cancelled orange?

You can't. It's formatted only for Orange Broadband use and if you've cancelled the account with them, they probably want it back as technically, you're only renting it off them for the term of you... Read More »

Bought a 3 or three mobile broadband dongle, with £25 top up, expires after 30 days and they didnt tell me?

If you bought the top up at a 3 Shop I would suggest you go back to the shop and explain that it was not clear when you bought the top up that it expires after a month. If you bought online then I'... Read More »

If you cancel a direct debit and the company go to claim it before you tell them it`s cancelled will the bank?

The bank won't let them have the money if you've cancelled it with the bank first.

Can my car insurance company claim money back a year after I cancelled my policy?