I cannot access the internet on my laptop even though it is showing as connected to the network.?

Answer You have a local connection (pc/laptop to router) but no WAN connection (router to internet via ISP) check your modem is plugged in and turned on if you have cable. If not call your ISP and check s... Read More »

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My laptop wont allow me to access the internet although it shows as being connected through my wi-fi?

Unplug the router.. Wait 10Seconds then plug it back in.

Laptop had connected to wireless shows local access only no internet?

Do you have another computer using the same wireless router to go internet? Is it working?You probably need to restart your wireless router and modem.Are you trying to connect the right wireless co... Read More »

How to allow two machines(on a virtual network) to be connected statically and be connected to the internet?

So, how are the computer's connected to each other (cable between them, going to your Internet router, switch, etc)?If they are just connected to each other, you need to connect them to an Internet... Read More »

My laptop keeps showing im connected to two networks?

It would be helpful to know what operating system you have to narrow this problem down. It doesn't sound like the router but it wouldn't do any harm to turn it off and back on again, then restart t... Read More »