I can't connect to my server (10 points)?

Answer Check the server service on the server and also it's IP settings. If it was configured for DHCP it may have a new IP so your mapped drives were no longer usable. If it is DHCP, set a static IP ad... Read More »

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How to Use VB6 to Connect to an IRC Server?

The older Visual Basic 6 (VB6) compiler uses the Winsock class to connect to Internet Relay Chat (IRC) servers. Winsock lets you work with any networking-type software functions, such as connection... Read More »

Why can't I connect to this server?…

Why Does My iPad Say "Cannot Connect to Server"?

The "Cannot connect to server" message means your iPad lacks Internet access. You may be in an area without Wi-Fi signal, your Wi-Fi may be turned off or you may not have a network enabled. If you ... Read More »