I cant figure out how to browse groups on the new facebook?

Answer u can check it out in ur profile,the info section...the new fb is OK...everytime something changes it takes time to get used to it...!

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Why cant I browse myspace within a specific distance of my postcode?

Yup, me too, really bloody annoying. I have emailed Tom and asked but not had a reply yet. Will keep ya posted...

I cannot browse the net with my WIN7 & WIN Vista laptops. Desktop browse fine. what is the problem?

Check the Windows Firewall settings relating to the network... Also, check that the internet connection settings are correct... go to Internet Explorer --> Tools --> Internet Options --> Connection... Read More »

My pc is wireless enabled, it says its connected to the wireless router, but i cant browse, any ideas why?

Just because your connected to the router does not mean your on the internet. The router might not be connected correctly to the internet. You can type the IP address of the router and find out if ... Read More »

I cant figure out how to put on eyeliner on my top lid.any tips?

hey hi i've been wearing it for 10 years and from my experiance this is what i've found -pencil is quite hard to get a straight line is best used for under eyes.liquid eyeliner is the best for top ... Read More »