I cant find "my links" on facebook, where are they?

Answer It sucks, doesn't it? I was just looking for an answer to this. It looks like they took it away. I used it for the same thing, as well as reposting.According to Facebook:You can access your links f... Read More »

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Getting abuse on Facebook, how do you find out the ip address or where they are from!?

The police are able to track down someones ip address.You might thing that sounds crazy to tell the police but many people do;DIt's the safest and probably the easiest too(: xIf you dont want to do... Read More »

Where can I find my National Insurance number, I have been abroad so long i cant find anything with it on.?

If you are having trouble finding your National Insurance details you need to call HM Revenue & Customs they can help you.

Last night i had a witheld call they said they where from facebook?

You did exactly the right thing. I doubt that Facebook would contact anyone directly by phone unless you had previously arranged it with them.Better safe than sorry anyway.

Wot will debt collectors do if they cant find the one there looking for?

Technically it is illegal to open letters not addressed to you unless you can prove you were appointed his agents. If you had sent the letters back "gone away" then this might have stopped the prob... Read More »