I can't get on facebook on either computers?

Answer Yes fb is down at the moment. Alot of people are conplaining

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I really need some help, i aint great with computers but i need either a facebook page or blog or something th?

Make a blog and link it to facebook page. or make a fb can upload content as notes

I cant get my friend code on Acww...and i cant add anyone to my list on Acww either..!!!?

Sorry, but you HAVE to connect to wi-fi to get your friend code. Try getting a signal, just go to your settings and fill out the info. If you had wi-fi before, then you should have wi-fi now. But y... Read More »

How do i find my lost password for msn, i cant remember my security question either?

i got my back,from them,they msn team,best of luck.

My computers lan wont work but my wireless does but i still cant get on certain web pages?

Firstly, if you haven't already done so reboot the pc ... if this doesn't help reboot the router (basically power it off at the wall, wait 20 seconds or so before powering it back on).If your probl... Read More »