I can't go onto facebook on my Xperia?

Answer Try resetting your password, you might have forgotten it.

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Why cant I get onto facebook tonight.Is there a problem?

It's a popular site so theres probably so many users on already that it just gets slow. The site could also be "under construction" and not available for use for a while.

Facebook inside xperia?

You automatically get access to Facebook inside Xperia (we’ll abbreviate this to FiX for the rest of this article) as soon as you enter your Facebook logon details within the official Facebook An... Read More »

Will the Xperia X10 upload videos to Facebook?

if it meets the size and the file format requirements it should

Why cant I get onto youtube?

I would test to see if it your web browser or something else on the computer preventing you from doing so. Download a different browser if you do not have more than one (e.g. Firefox, Safari, and ... Read More »