I can't hear any voices out of my headphones?

Answer Well since it always happens with you connecting new headphones in your System, it is a problem with your System and not in your headphones. FIRST OF ALL try using another BROWSER to explore YOU TU... Read More »

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I cant hear the voices when playing a Dvd on my laptop?

I can hear static through my headphones?

Does your house have ground ? Have you tried a different outlet for the PC ? Do you have a receptacle tester to test that the ground is properly done at the outlet ?

Skype help please. When making a call I can hear my contact but they cannot hear me?

Give your new phone a look of vicious distrust. Do you have access to a standard micophone, and speakers ? Headphones will do. If you do, then plug these into the sound card of your PC. Using the ... Read More »

How to Know If You Are Hearing Voices?

Hearing someone calling your name only to turn around and find no one there can be frightening for anyone. Hearing voices, also known as auditory hallucinations, can be very difficult, as they ofte... Read More »