I can't hear any voices out of my headphones?

Answer Well since it always happens with you connecting new headphones in your System, it is a problem with your System and not in your headphones. FIRST OF ALL try using another BROWSER to explore YOU TU... Read More »

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I cant hear the voices when playing a Dvd on my laptop?

I can hear static through my headphones?

Does your house have ground ? Have you tried a different outlet for the PC ? Do you have a receptacle tester to test that the ground is properly done at the outlet ?

Why cant i hear streaming radio!?

Have your cookie settings changed? Is ZoneAlarm or something else blocking cookies?

I cant get sound on my computer even if i plug in headphones whats wrong?

hellowindows xp sound / microphone setupright click my computer icon click on propetiesclick on hardware tab click on device managerclick on the + next to sound /video /game/controllerscheck to see... Read More »