I cant log back into my FACEBOOK ! please HELP :( !?

Answer I had the same problem once :p its because yur logging in from a different location! And if u want to log in go to forgot my password then change it then go to yur email then .. idk i forgot hope u... Read More »

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I cant log into my myspace... why please help?

maybe it is a fake site. Try again or refresh your page.Maybe you can make a new profile???Facebook???U got ur friends' numbers?Hope this helped ; |)

I cant get into my twitter account please help?

Hmmm.. Well the link should take you back to Twitter and then you should be able to reset your password there. But, if you're still having trouble, I'd say contact twitter customer support: https:/... Read More »

Really cant use the newest version of MSN how do i get the old one back please help!?

hello❶try first to uninstall from the control panel☇ for XP☇ Start☇ control panel☇ add&remove programs☇ 'windows live essentials'☇ remove☇ VISTA and Windows 7☇ Start☇ Ccntrol pa... Read More »

I cant find a friend on Facebook, please help!?

One of you could have accidentally blocked the other. That would not let you see anything. To fix this problem just go to your Facebook privacy settings and go to blocked people and apps from ther... Read More »