I can't log onto facebook at college and all the proxys are blocked how can i get on?

Answer have you tried pinging it in command prompt? and they can never ban ALL proxy's, google some proxy sites at home and get the addresses, as long as the address doesn't contain the word proxy you sho... Read More »

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Is there a way to get onto facebook if my college/work have blocked it on the computer?

Hello's a little box to enter a url on that pageI hope I could help.

How do u use proxys, if even the proxys thems selves are blocked?

This free proxy unblocks most major web sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. It's restricted to certain sites but it's a clean proxy that won't spam you or give you malware.The IP address changes dail... Read More »

How do i get on facebook if my college has blocked it!!!?

you cant lol you know they have security on most computers

How do i get onto FaceBook with blocked internet?

So you want to get your mum sacked on the spot then or serious disciplinary action taken against her? Doesn't it occur to you that if sites have been blocked then any activity trying to bypass the ... Read More »