I cant open the questions index on YA?

Answer Next time it does that make a note of those letters and numbers as that will offer you a clue as to why you cannot access the YA index.

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What are points on an index and some other questions?

1. If FTSE drops from, say, 5500 to 5400, what the daily reports say is that the FTSE dropped by 100 points. 2. In the daily reports, the drop is from the close of the previous day to the close... Read More »

Hie, i wanted to open a day trading a/c, does anyone know whether IG index is good or which brokers are good?

Always check out your broker before you establish a relationship. Your investment depends on it.Read more here.

How to Ask Open Questions on Tumblr?

There are two ways to ask questions in Tumblr. The more common method is when you send a user a question using his "Ask" page; the less common method is when you post a question to your blog with a... Read More »

When I am trying to open my F-drive it’s asking ‘to choose a program to open this file’ and opening an’ Open F?

your drive is having volume or its already corrupted.try to open by autoplay.right click on it, then choose AUTOPLAY. if it still didnt work, try EXPLORE.if not you have to run a recovery software ... Read More »