I can't record minecraft?

Answer it would depend what program you are using ... FRAPS, Bandicam, Microsoft Expression? but either way FRAPS is the best. and maby try lowering your graphics.

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Why cant i log in to minecraft?

Why cant' I walk on minecraft I use the "W" key but it wont work!?

Press 'Escape' or anything that'll take you back to the menu, then check your controls and make sure they're all set to something.

Is there a laptop that would record and run Minecraft, team fortress 2 and if possible planet side 2?

The answer I just saw about Mac makes me puke. You do not connect Macbook and gaming.Minecraft and TF2 are low end graphics. You need to mention your price point. Planet Side 2 is much higher up th... Read More »

Cant record for long with fraps?

Fraps uses a lot of HDD space when recording, when you use up most of the space on your HDD, it will start putting data into fragments of space, making read and write times longer, making the games... Read More »