I cant remember my password for my computer can anyone please help!!!?

Answer I think I had the problem once. I think I resolved it by accessing the BIOS - press F2 when you PC is booting. Then, if I remember correctly there is an option to change a setting so that the mac... Read More »

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How can i receive my password for windows live messenger if i have not ticked remember my password?

remember my password means that they put a cookie or something with your password on your computer so that you don´t have to type everytime password again and again it´s verry useful but don´t u... Read More »

I can't remember my password?

Contact Yahoo and fax a copy of your ID, and they might help you access your account.

Would I like to remember the password ... NO?

Its OK I fixed it ! Well tell me then! it's been annoying me for months

Why does my pc not remember my username, password?

Glad you asked this again, here ya go:when in the control panel, at the top right, click "view by" and select "small icons" and then you will see internet options.