I can't seem to change my name on facebook anymore?

Answer Go to setting- profile setting- change the name- save- all done.. then wait for some mins..! You will see

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I cant change a file name?

You can click yes to that message. However you didn't include the file extension when you changed the name. When it has .avi or .mp4 or something else at the end of the name, leave that part untouc... Read More »

Facebook wont let me change my name to my real name?

Errors on facebook,There system is down at the moment ...

How do you change the language to english in facebook Everything is in spainish so I cant read it.?

1. Click "cuenta" (at the top, right of any Facebook page).2. There will be 5 tabs: click "Idioma".3. Click on the drop-down menu next to "Idioma principal:" and choose "English".

How do I change my name on Facebook?

You'll not be able to change your name right now. But I guess, you can again change it after some months.